Social Skills

Positive social interactions between and among the children has always been a focus of Pinewood Preschool. The children are instructed on how to resolve problems on their own and on how to use good manners.

Positive, polite, and pro-active social interactions between the child and all adults in his/her environment are also crucial to the long–term healthy growth and development of the child. Not greeting someone or not saying goodbye is the result of self-absorption/selfishness or social anxiety. Self-confidence and social ease is a learned skill. It is important not to neglect this crucial skill for success in personal relationships and in work relationships. Creating comfortable connection now will ensure healthy adult relationships in the future.

The Pinewood Preschool staff would like to encourage and support any and all parental efforts to have their child both greet and say good-bye to his/her teachers. Stating the teacher’s name and eye contact are important. The practice of this and consequences for not practicing this are up to the parent. It won’t happen without parental guidance and insistence.

In August Pinewood teachers explain this new skill to the children and have them role-play (practice) one at a time. Teachers then give a sticker to each child as they successfully perform this task upon leaving school. A special pencil will be awarded each child at the end of two weeks. We encourage families to extend this lesson to include relatives and friends. Role-play and reward make this work.


The book clearly describes three parenting styles and three “child types”. Each parenting style is good but needs to be flexible (able to move to another style) for the particular “child type” and situation at hand. The book also gives specific action plans for enhancing intelligence, self-esteem (self-worth), social confidence, mental and emotional stability and spiritual maturity. PLUS MUCH MORE. Copies are available for “sign-out”.