Winter Weather Notice:

When Rio Rancho Public Schools is on a two hour delay or CLOSED, we will be OPEN.


Rules And Information

* Pinewood students must be 3 years old in the fall of the year they begin. Enrolling 3 year olds should be potty trained.

* Payment is due the first  week of the 4 week period.

* You are paying for a space whether your child is here or not. Pinewood does  not  refund or credit money to the next month.Make-up days can accumulate over the months to be used later.

* You pay for your sick days, vacation days, and no show days.

* As a special service to Pinewood parents, any absence due to illness or days missed due to vacations may be made up subject to the provisions below.

* If your child will miss a day due to illness, etc., you must notify Pinewood the night before, or early the morning of the absence. This is so all the children will be able to make up missed days. (Days missed, but not called in cannot be guaranteed to be made up.)

*To make up absences: attend class when another student is absent.

*Please inform us as far in advance as possible of your plans to withdraw your child (an approximate date with a long lead time can be revised).

* A minimum of  two weeks notice  is required when withdrawing your child from attendance.

* The preschool is closed in the summer.

*Our holidays are: Spring Break, Closed for the summer, October Fall Break, Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after, and Christmas Break .Holiday pay will be in effect.You will not be charged for the two weeks at Christmas, or one week at Spring Break.

* If notified by us that your child is ill, please pick him/her up as soon as possible.

* Please keep a child home if they have been ill in the past 24 hours: fever 100 or higher, diarrhea, vomiting, redness or discharge from the eyes, skin rash, runny nose with yellow or green mucus, persistent coughing, red throat, or earache. Please inform us of any communicable disease (such as strep), so we can inform other families.

* A copy of your child's immunization record must be on file for state licensing and the nutrition program inspectors.

* Please let us know if your child is hesitant (not looking forward to preschool with joy), so we may look for any problems he/she may be encountering, and give him/her extra help in resolving the problem.

*Parents will sign their child in and out on the form just inside the front door.

*Child abuse /neglect will be reported to State CYFD as required by state law.

*Preschool staff do not administer medications.

*Emergency procedures are posted on the side of the fridge.

The following areNOT ALLOWEDat preschool:
- Chewing gum or candy (except for parties)
- Necklaces, for safety reasons
- Toys from home
- Pullups, please use diapers if necessary
- Party invitations (Please mail or phone party invitations)