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2750 Pinewood Dr SE, Rio Rancho, NM


Pinewood Playhouse Preschool is a family-home preschool, state licensed for over 25 years to teach and nurture 12 children in a class. Pinewood Preschool offers a warm and friendly environment for children ages 3-5. We follow the Rio Rancho Public School calendar, closing during the Summer, Spring and Christmas breaks.

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On March 31, 2010 four evaluators from New Mexico Kids Network (funded by Children, Youth and Families Department, Office of Child Development) observed Pinewood Preschool from 9:00 AM – Noon. They were "flys on the wall" and did not speak to the teachers or the children. One of our evaluators, Debby Cryer, is co-author of the "Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale".

On April 1, 2010 Debby Cryer wrote the following:

I have observed hundreds and hundreds of family child care homes across the country, doing quality assessments. My visit to your home yesterday was certainly one of the absolutely best experiences I have ever had! Your strengths – all you do that is appropriate and supportive of strong child development – the positive interactions, the intellectual environment, handling each child as an important individual, making the environment work for children. It impressed me immensely! Thanks for allowing us to see how it can be done so well!

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Personal thank you notes from Pinewood students and parents

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MISSION STATEMENT:This preschool will meet the educational, physical, and emotional needs of children ages three to five by creating and maintaining ...an environment of stability, a staff of caring and trained teachers, AND an environment for learning through play and opportunities to make choices.

PHILOSOPHY STATEMENT:We believe that children learn best through play and hands-on activities in an environment that supports their learning and exploration. We also believe that children learn best when they feel safe. To support feelings of safety and trust we believe that rules and limits must be clear and consistent. Finally, we believe that children learn best from staff that are warm, nurturing and well trained in Early Childhood Education and Developmentally Approved Practice.

CURRICULUM STATEMENT:Play and fun stories are the primary mode of learning for children up to age 5. The children make choices during “free play”; there are numerous opportunities to experiment and explore. Teachers guide the children in problem-solving social situations. The children are actively engaged by a teacher at Group Activity Time, Snack Time, One-on-one Time and Circle Time.

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